Our Family

The first time I met my hubby I thought he was a jackass. In fact I thought he was a real jerk, he was quiet but intense when having a conversation with someone. The looks he gave were so intense that it was almost a fault, he seemed uninterested when in fact he was extremely interested. Now, I can’t shut him up *lol*. He talks and talks…well you get the idea but I digress…

I moved to the province he lived in in 1999 from the province I lived in to be with him. My mother was furious with us because she thought at 20 years old I would move in with her. Instead, I moved in with him after only knowing him for 6 months. That following June we were pregnant with our first child and haven’t looked back since. What follows is the birth stories of my 5 children…

Baby #1:

He was born 11 weeks and 4 days early. In layman terms that is almost 3 months premature. He never gave us warning that he was coming into this world at all. I had done a 12 hour shift at work and come home exhausted and ready for bed. At about 12 am I awoke to having the need to pee and when I got to the bathroom my water broke. There was no real labor, it was all “silent” labor. I called my mother and she said to go to the hospital and then hubby called his sister and we went over to her house. We timed the contrax and they were 5 minutes apart and steady so we decided to go to the hospital and get checked out.

When we arrived the nurses were less than pleasant. Blaming it on a UTI (urinary tract infection) and making me piddle in a cup during the transitional phase of labor. They did an amniotic test stick which detects the presence of amniotic fluid and it came back positive but they still didn’t believe I was having contractions as their monitors were not picking up any of them. I was given an internal and the nurse freaked out screaming for room because the baby was crowning. I guess they believed me now!

He was born 2.5 hours after my water broke at 29 weeks, 3 days gestation. I remember looking at him across the OR room they used as an impromptu birthing room. He was so tiny and so pink. The tubes in his throat and lines of IV’s made him look even tinier. He was 3 lbs 7 oz at birth. I also remember being so alone and so afraid. In the ward they stuck me in all the other mothers had their babies while I had no baby to cuddle and hold. I had no baby to bond with and had to watch all the other mothers with their babies. I’ve never felt so isolated and so heartbroken. My son was transfered to another hospital that could care for a level 3 preemie as the hospital he was born at could not care for him. He spent two weeks in one hospital and another 4 in the one he was born in.


At 24 weeks gestation I was hospitalized for incompetent cervix caused by a bicorneated uterus. I was 8 cm dilated and 90% effaced. I spent 10 weeks in the hospital on bed rest. When my daughter was born, she was born 9 days early from her due date and with no cone head and fists at her ears. I cried when she cried because my first born did not cry due to immature lungs. I think the nurse thought I was crazy because I wasn’t crying at the fact that the doctor was stitching me with over 200 stitches from 3rd and 4th degree tares but rather the fact that my baby girl had cried on her own and was stable and healthy. Something I had not experienced with my first baby. She was 7 lbs 14.5 oz and was born within 1.5 hours from my water breaking.


My second son was a pregnancy without incident. I was still considered high risk due to my history and my bicorneated uterus\incompetent cervix. I was on at home bed rest for the entire pregnancy. When my son was born, he was born with a true double knot in his umbilical cord. The doctor said he had never seen a double knot in his career and if it had been any tighter, my son would have been a stillborn baby. He was 7lbs on the mark and took 1 hour 15 minutes from my water breaking.


My first c-section. This kidlet has proven over and over again how much she is special. As special as how she came into this world. She was my frank breech (footling) and prolapsed cord emergency c-section birth. She caused my uterus to rupture up the middle\front of the uterus. I’ve never seen a set of nurses freak so badly and it was the first time I heard the word STAT outside of a television program. I feel bad for the two young male paramedics who brought me in. They were standing in the hallway to the OR when the nurses half tore around the corner and half crashed my bed into it with a nurse sitting over me with her arm up my southern region to the elbow. She was holding my daughter’s dangling and kicking feet in her hands and her cord above her feet with only two finger tips. Those medics were so white I swear they were just about ready to fall over and faint. My daughter was 6lbs 2 oz and 1 hour 11 minutes (11 minutes for the c section).


My last but certainly not least baby was also an emergency c-section. I had scheduled an elective, repeat section due to uterine rupture and high risk pregnancy at 37 weeks. This was not to happen, my son decided he was ready at 33 weeks gestation. Due to the extreme danger of my medical history I chose to have a tubal ligation with the c-section. The section was uneventful and my son was healthy but needed extra care in the neonatal intensive care unit. He spent 5 weeks 3 days in NICU. He was 4 lbs 10 oz at birth.


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