Santa Parade

Last weekend we went to the Santa Parade. Brayden made a friend there and he wouldn’t keep his hands to himself. Hugging her, trying to give her kisses, talking to her and pointing out all the floats he liked. He even shared his hot chocolate with her (of course after we okayed it with her mama that she was allowed). Brayden is the sweetest and cutest little guy in the world.

We asked him if he wanted to come back with us and join us for the rest of the parade and he says “nope, I stay here with my girl friend”. If that ain’t the cutest thing in the world I don’t know what is! My mom was also in the parade, a clown with the Kewanis Club. My uncle and aunt have been a part of the K Club for the longest time and my mom just recently joined with them.

We went with my sister in law, her beaux and two of her kids. It was cold but it was fun. May I reiterate that it was devil’s butt crack cold? I mean why can’t we have the nice weather we had been having before hand? Just this one night where I have to be out with the family? Despite my upbringing in Quebec and the cold winters there I detest the cold. Hate is not a strong enough word for how much I don’t like the cold.

So here’s a few photos from the parade:


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