The Dream

 master typist

This is one of my short stories. I am a writer and artist so I thought I might share a few of my short stories with my readers…

The Dream

All she could do was just stand there, terrified and sweating profusely. The eerie sounds that were coming from the outside of her bedroom window were not human. It almost sounded like a hell hound growling from the depths of the darkness in the night. Not even the moon was visible outside her window.

She stood holding her breath, straining to hear the growls and grunts again, but they were so faint that she wasn’t sure she was hearing them at all. Then she heard it, a snarl above the howling winds, it sounded evil, dark and menacing.

The trees were groaning in the wind as she saw it, the red glowing eyes. At first they were in the tree branch that was scratching against her window with its claw like branches. The eyes seemed to hover over her and size her up.

They came closer to her window and what she saw terrified her beyond the definition of terrified, it was a snarled and oozing face that was blackened and the only life she could see in it were those terrible and fierce evil glowing eyes.

Its claws were large and razor sharp against the window pane it hung to, and it was studded with horns and scales all the way from nape of neck to tip of tail. Black and decaying, but strong and agile the creature stared at her with an evil menace as it slowly pulled its wizened and cracked mouth into a grin, baring sharp rows of jagged teeth.

It knocked gently on the window and she could hear, not so much out loud, but in her mind as if a telepathic connection were being made between her and it; let me in little, pretty thing, oh won’t you let me in. As she started, the thing grinned more and tapped more persistently on her bay window, rattling it with a startling strength.

She slowly turned to her bedroom door hoping to run for it before that thing at her window could make it into her bedroom. She didn’t want to be caught in that room with no way out, to be trapped with that thing she knew would spell doom for sure. As she turned for the door she discovered the door was not there but replaced with a stone wall that oozed thick green slime.

It suddenly became dark and the over powering smell of rot and dampness filled her nostrils to the wretching point. As she scrambled to find some semblance of a doorway to escape in she heard an explosion of breaking glass then the room was filled with a new smell, one of sulphur, decay and pure evil.

She screamed as she desperately flailed at the oozing wall to find escape, her hands covered in thick, oozing and foul smelling slime. The evil creature chocked out a menacing laughter as it watched her desperate attempts at flight from it.

It grinned cracking the skin around its mouth with a little puff of decaying dust and pounced for it’s victim. Her hands slid across the wet and slimy wall as the creature hit her full force digging its claws deep into her shoulders and back, wrapping its tail around her waist.

It breathed in her face sending up waves of nausea from the wretched stench of its dead breath. She struggled with it, fighting it off weakly. She begged in her mind for someone, anyone to save her.

It turned her around in its grip so that she faced it dead on, and split its mouth in another evil, toothy grin. It was satisfied with the capture, the pure terror on its victim’s face as she faced it with resignation. She knew she was done, it had her now. Still she weakly tried to fight it off which only satisfied the creature more, it tightened its clawed grip on her shoulders, digging into her delicate flesh.

She smelt her own blood trickling down her back and chest, smelt it. She struggled weakly as the creature leaned back then jutted forward, administering the final blow with such force it knocked the both of them against the stone wall that replaced her bedroom wall with its stench and slime.

They both fell to the ground in an ungraceful heap as the creature tore her throat open, spilling her life line onto the floor. It screeched in satisfaction as she bled and gasped from the open wound in her throat, then released her and fled into the night.

Suzy woke up with a start gasping and reaching for her rescue inhaler for her asthma. She felt terrified and unsure of the dream she had just had. After settling her asthma attack, Suzy got up out of bed but whimpered as a shot of pain ran up her leg, she sat down to take a look at the source of her pain. She found a sliver of glass in her foot.
She looked at her window, terrified of what she might find there, but there was nothing but the full moon and the trees gently swaying in the light breeze of the night. She looked at her hands and screamed in horror as she saw a dried green stain on her fingers and the palm of her hands.

She high tailed it out her bedroom and spent the rest of the night on the living room couch, unable to sleep.

Was it a dream? Or was it real? You decide…


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