The Drink Drill

My son : “mooooommm…mommy…M-O-M”

Me: “Yes Brodie, I hear you”

Son: “Can I have a drink please”

Me: “Didn’t you just have one?”

Son: “Yeah but…”

Me: “I’d like you to wait please for <insert meal for time of day>”

Son: “But moooooooo-oooom…”

Me: “Brodie <meal> is coming, I’d like it very much if you could wait please”

Son: “OK mom”

Not 10 minutes later it’s the “mooooooommmyyy…mama…mom” from Bri and I go through the same spiel again with her. Then it’s Brayden’s turn “Mama, mama, mom”…Brooke, well she just grabs at my cup of coffee with this cartoon wide teary eyed look on her face. The one that always gets you…Kind of like this one:


Doesn’t that just get you at the heart strings? I swear my kidlets conference at night while I’m sleeping just to conspire against me. I can see it in my head clear as daylight (or a nightlight perhaps?).

Brodie: How do we drive mom nuts tomorrow?

Bri: How about the drink drill? That one always gets her everytime!

Brooke rubbing hands together with a maniacal grin on her face and chortling happily…

Brayden: Yeah, yeah that good, yeah.

Brodie: It’s settled then, Drink Drill it is!

I’m sure when the baby is a little older, they’ll indoctrinate him into their midnight meetings on how to drive mom and dad bonkers. Until then I will happily enjoy his lack of vocabulary. *Sigh* Gotta love kids!


One Response to “The Drink Drill”

  1. LMAO, its true, they are out to drive us all looney.

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