Toys, Toys, Toys…

Toys…if you have kids you know what toys are and you know the drill. I swear these evil plastic things propogate at night when we sleep and multiply just to tick me off and make me trip 20 times a day. Seriously, I have kidlet toys coming out the yoni and then some. Of course, Yule is around the corner (Christmas if you prefer) and there will be new toy DNA for propogating the toy species and leaving me with bruised and battered feet. I can hear them at night whispering about their diabolical plans to cut, bruise and torture my feet by becoming suicide manglers and diving under my feet as I walk by. Ever step on a polly pocket? If you weren’t a potty mouth before the incident believe me you will quickly become the fowlest and loudest potty mouth on Mother Nature’s green and blue earth stepping on a polly pocket. The sharp little limbs make it a point to thrust and pierce your most sensitive foot skin and claw in, hanging on for their dear evil lives. Ever trip over a remote control car and end up with your foot in the driver’s seat? Talk about “crunch time” when your foot gets stuck in one of those remote control cars, it’s even less funny when your oldest decides to pick up the remote and start driving the bugger all over the hall way while you hop one-footed hollerin’ let me out…That kid is so not getting a driver’s license when he turns 16!


One Response to “Toys, Toys, Toys…”

  1. learningwoman Says:

    How glad I am to have found your Blog, Natural Mama! It makes me laugh so hard I’m falling off my chair as we speak! 🙂

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