What’s in a Name?

Ever wonder about the meaning of your name? A better question – ever wonder why a parent names their child what they do? We chose our children’s names very carefully and admittedly we chose them based on my ancestry on my father’s side. Irish runs in my father’s family and I had a very urgent need to honor that ancestry both in family lineage and in a religious context. I am pagan or more precisely a solitary, eclectic shamanistic druid (try saying THAT 3 times fast) with newly found ties to Unitarian Universalist beliefs. My children hold very powerful and meaningful names that color their personalities and spirits.

Brodie means “The Brother”. Now ironically we had no idea that this was self prophosizing for our family because we didn’t think we would have other children. Brodie is definately a big brother. Not only does he have the teasing a big brother does so perfectly down pat but he has the caring and protective manner of a big brother. He is very lovey with his siblings and always playing “daddy hen” with his younger siblings. His personality is so full of love and compassion that it awes me on a daily basis.

Brianna means “The Strong One” and boy is that girl strong willed and hard headed (I will own the fact she takes after her mama for that). It is also a name that is feminine of the name Brian. This is a family member’s middle name whom I respect greatly. She is my diva, my hard headed, strong natured mother hen. She also can nag with the best of them (she makes her mama proud she does!).

Brayden-Faolan means “Wolf from the dark valley”. He certainly has the personality of the wolf. Free spirited and strong. He has endurance like no other would. He also has the determination of a wolf, persistant and strong willed. He is the type of child who refuses to let someone do it for him, he would rather fall a dozen times before asking for help.

Brooke-Aevalyn means “Behold the One River”. Brooke is like water, so very much like water. Soft when she needs to be, moldable and gentle. Strong and all powerful when she needs it, carving her own path as she goes. Like water she shapes herself to the situation at hand when needed or powerhouses through a situation when it calls for just that.

Brysten means “Firey One”. He is indeed a firey personality! Bright eyed, inquisitive and very much holds his own in any given situation with his siblings. He’s a fighter at heart with a gentle and loving disposition.

Names and their meanings are very important to me, they hold history in their meaning and heritage in their nature. A name, to me, allows us to peek inside of the very spirit and mind of a person through their meaning. I very much believe that names color our personalities and souls with their very meaning making us that much more whole as a person.


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