Battle of the Bugs

Every parent will go through this battle at least once in their child’s life (or children if you are like me and have a whole brood of them). The dreaded head lice battle. These disgusting bugs poop on us, eat our blood and do their little buggy jig on our heads. They’re so disgusting that it’s no wonder Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch doesn’t feature a talking louse buggy. Thank goodness for that because it’s a television show that is on every day here, it would seriously creep me out to see a talking louse saying “hey every buggy lets go find a human head so I can poop on it, eat the blood and lay my eggs in their hair” all the while 200 of her little nymphies from her 500 strong of a brood running around her legs. There is no happy way to say something like that, sorry kiddies no head louse for Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch for you!

I’ve battled this problem on and off for awhile. It’s inevitable if you have school aged children, even if they are from another household in your family. I’ve tried everything from Rid, to mayo and veggie oil. You name it, I’ve tried it (except Lindane, it is associated with some very nasty side effects that I am just not willing to take the risk with for my children or myself). I decided to pick up Resultz, it’s a new product without pesticides. Odorless, colorless and damned effective!

I did a treatment on 4 out of the five kidlets today and wow, those disgusting little buggers were falling out of their hair dead. You see, the main ingredient in Resultz is Isopropyl Myristate with a non medical ingredient of Cyclomethicone. That’s it, two ingredients. Apparently the Isopropyl myristate (at 50% w\w – whatever the heck that means) causes the lice to die by starvation and dehydration by stripping the special chemical wax on their bodies that helps them feed, digest and breath. As much as I hate them and their grotesque state of being (what was Mother Nature thinking when she made these little bugs?) that is one heck of a way to die. I almost feel sorry for the buggers…Almost.

As they were falling out of my kidlet’s hair I was grinning and giggling with glee at how quickly the product was working. I must have looked like some homicidal maniac because my husband was staring at me like he was afraid he was next. Ten minutes after application I rinsed the kidlets off in the shower and towel dried them off, got them dressed and pulled out the most feared comb in the lice buggy kingdom! The dreaded “Licemeister”. I went through each of their head methodically, expecting at least one louse to have survived but alas not a one survived the onslaught of my non-pesticidal chemical slaughter and my maniacal laughter could be heard through the whole neighborhood. The dog ended up tearing up the stairs with his tail between his legs, ears back and howling in complete fear of my outburst of manic laughter. The baby pouted and started crying and the hubby hid under the computer desk. Even the parrot grew quiet on his perch on his cage, puffing up his feathers not knowing whether to take flight away from the situation or start lunging and snapping at the air in fear.

I was pleased, pleased to the point of complete bliss. I have found my ultimate weapon against one of Mother Nature’s most disgusting creations! So next time you are in a “lousey predicament” get yourself Resultz and a Licemeister and get to happy buggy hunting! I can gaurantee you won’t be disappointed!


“shhhh…ahm huntin’ fer waskly buggies”


2 Responses to “Battle of the Bugs”

  1. Um.
    I’m glad it worked for you, but you do realize that the chemical you are so excited about is the the major ingredient in “Liquid Wrench”?

    If you were putting mayo and veg oil on your kid’s heads, I’m not surprised it didn’t work.
    I have a summary of some suggestions from the CDC here.

    You may also find that weekly combing with the lice comb–whether you see them or not–can help prevent re-infection.

  2. Thank you for the information but what works for one person may not work for another. I approved the comment because I believe in informed choices and informed consent. I appreciate your candor. Did you also know that Isopropyl myristate is also used in other “liquid” medications and creams to enhance the absorption rate of the intended medication? It’s a product, or rather a by product that is found in just about everything from medications to over the counter products and even face creams.

    Those of you who would rather a more natural approach may like the idea that Cetofil facial cleanser can be used to suffocate live lice by applying it to the hair, letting it dry and leaving it there for 24 to 48 hours. Then wash it out and repeat in 7 days a second time. There’s also the 21 day delousing treatment found here.

    Natural Mama.

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