Short Stories – Hotel Hell

Another one of my short stories, also one I am critical of and feel is not the best of my works. Alas, I will allow you, the reader to judge for youself. This story was inspired by The Eagles song Hotel California.

Hotel Hell

I was driving along mindin mah own business when low and behold dis hotel come popping out o’ da horizon. Ah suddenly felt tired and hungry and decided ta stop on in and call it quits fer da night. Got off a mah motocycle and took off mah helmut only ta be greated by dis very good looking woman at da door o’ da hotel with a nice ole smile on ‘er face.

She said “what’s your name big fella”

“Chance, nice ta meet you dahlin'” I said

“Nice to meet you too sweet mea..thing, name’s darhla” she said with a grin.

Ah kinda found it strange she calling me sweet meat but left it at dat and walked into da hotel to book me a room to crash in fer da night. Da man at da check in gave me dis strange look wid a grin dat seemed not so human.

“What can I do ya for fella” he said

“Ah’d like ta rent a room fer da night”

“Where ya headed?”

“Nowhere’s in particular, jus’ drivin’ ya know”

“No aim, straggling, I know. That’ll be 80 dollars for the night, dinner’s at 7 pm sharp, don’t be late”

I said mah thanks and mosied on ta mah room to rest fer a bit before dinnah. Ah musta fallen asleep cause by da time ah woke up it was 10 ta 7. Ah cursed and got up and hussled on down ta da dinning room cause ah didn’t wanna be late or miss out on da eats. As soon as ah walked in everybody dere stared at me and smiled, it be more like an evil grin dat make mah blood run cold. Ah got da inkling dat maybe ah shouldnta stop at dis here hotel and jus’ drove right on by without a second glance back right at dat moment.

“Why don’t you sit next to me” Darhla smiled

“Uh, sure thang, uhm hope ah aint late or nothin'”

“No you aren’t, just in time sweet meat”

Ah shivered when she call me dat. Ah guess she saw dat ah shivered and asked me if ah was cold or somethang. I said no, jus’ wakin’ up some. Ah sat down an’ looked at what was on da table. Ah wondered why dey all pull out da good china for a small hotel dinnah but ah didn’t say nothin bout it out loud. Da table was glitterin wid fine china and crystal goblets. Gold trimmed cutlery.

“Bet your wondering why we brought out the fine china huh” said Darhla

“Ah was jus’ wonderin’ dat, yeah” ah said

“Because we’re having a special feast today, sweet meat is on the menu”

Ah must ‘ave jumped a mile high cause she broke out inta dis laughter dat was demonic. I winced as da rest o da room broke out into da same laughter and stared hungrily at me. Dey all got up outta dere chairs and started fer da table ah was sittin at wid Darhla with dese crazy maniac smiles and dat murdering glitter in dem eyes. Ah realized at dat moment dere wasn’t gonna be a meal fer eating, least not fer dis creole. Ah started ta get up ta get da hell on outta dere and hit da road. Dat’s when da guy dat was at the check in counter grabbed me by da back o’ da shoulder and grinned. Ah whirled around in time ta see him changin inta somethin ah aint nevah seen before…

“We’re programmed to receive fella, you can check out but you can never leave,” he growled

Das when ah felt mahself bein’ lifted and thrown right on top o dat table full o’ fine chine, glitterin’ cystal and cutlery. Ah felt dem all tearing at me, tried ta fight em off but it was no good. Ya know when ya know yer beat, ya kinda give in an’ fall back and let it happen. Ah knew ah was a gonner. Dey were all tearin’ at me and ah felt dem goin’ at mah gut wid dere stealy knives, tearing at mah flesh, pullin’ me apart. Das when ah blacked out.

“Well, your sitting right here with us telling us about it, you had to have gotten away” said some tiny blonde from the group of college kids.

“Take a closah look dahlin'” Chance said with a chuckle.

The group of college kids took a closer look at the man sitting at the dinner table with them as he begun to transform into this hiddious corpse that was half eaten and swarming with maggots. His face was blackened and not the hansome looking man that was sitting with them a moment before. He started laughing with a half gone and oozing smile on his face that litterally looked like it was from ear to ear as half of his cheeks were missing.

“Ah feel real sorry fer y’all, but it ain’t often we get a good meal round ‘ere, an’ ah haven’t eaten since dat day ah came ‘ere. Ahm stahvin, think ah’ll start wid dat lil’ redhead ovah dere.” Chance growled.

The college kids screamed and made to run for the door but were blocked by all the rest of the group, and in the middle of the grotesque group of corpses was the check in guy, grinning a mile long grin.

“Would you do the honors Chance” he grinned

“Sure thang boss, we’re programmed ta receive kiddos, y’all can check out, but y’all can nevah leave” Chance said

And with that the maggot infested corpses pounced on their meal and to add to their ranks. Just goes to show you, when you see a mysterious hotel pop up on the horizon, you better make haste and pass it on by without a second glance or you might end up becoming the next meal!


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