Short Stories – The Martell Mansion

Not one of my better works or am I too critical of my work? Anywho here we have another horror story in the short form.

The Martell Mansion

Walking through the woods was his favorite wind down activity. It helped him clear the day’s problems and work through some of the day’s happenings. Darrian wasn’t expecting to experience a whole new set of problems on this particular night’s hike. As he came up to the old abandoned Martell mansion, he shivered. He never really liked that place very much, even as a kid he refused to even walk the path that followed along side the property. It gave him the hebbie-jebbies. Darrian glanced at the house uneasily and frowned. There were stories about how the whole family died in the house, the husband killed his wife and children then committed suicide. There were even stories that it was now haunted by the whole family. Darrian started to walk past the path that ran along the property then stopped suddenly, straining to hear what he thought was a scream on the wind. Darrian squinted, and listened quietly for a few minutes, then he heard it, the scream. It was coming from the Martell mansion. He briefly considered walking back home and calling the police to let them deal with it when another, more urgent scream sent him up the path to the mansion. He shivered in disgust as he passed a grove of gnarled and dead trees. The screams got louder as Darrian got closer to the house.

“Anybody there!” Darrian hollered

The screams were even louder now, even more urgent and they sounded very scared. Darrian approached the front door cautiously, the wooden porch looked rotten out and boards were missing. The smell of rot in the air was gagging and heavy. He pushed on the old, heavy oak door and it fell to the floor with a loud bang making him jump. The place was dusty and smelled like old moldy wood. As Darrian walked into the foyer the floor under his feet creaked loudly making him wince. The family room was off to the right. He peeked into the doorway and saw a fireplace long since used. Above the mantle was a family portrait of a woman, man and three children. The eyes of the portrait seemed to follow Darrian everywhere and he became uncomfortable looking in the eyes of the portrait. It felt like they were watching him and his every move. Darrian looked at the dusty mantle. There were several items on it covered in dust and time. There was a brass music box in the middle of the mantle. Darrian picked it up and opened it. It played this soft sweet lullaby. The lullaby started to slow down as Darrian watched the little ballerina twirl slowly on its toes something streaked passed him just out of his peripheral vision. He jumped and looked over toward the kitchen doorway. There was nothing there but the kitchen light was now on. Darrian swore there was no electricity going to this old place, so how could the lights be on. As he started toward the kitchen, the fireplace flared up as if someone had just thrown a match to the old embers sitting in the hearth. Darrian screamed and bolted for the kitchen doorway then stopped dead. There in the doorway was the woman from the family portrait, plain as day staring back at him. Darrian was frozen with fear, he couldn’t move even if someone lit a fire under him, he couldn’t move. He stared at her, terrified. She pointed past him and seemed to be mouthing something at him, he couldn’t quite understand it at first. Then he realized what she was saying, get out before you can’t. As quickly as she was there, she faded before his eyes and disappeared completely. Darrian frowned and stared at the empty doorway. He glanced back at the fireplace where the old embers sat cold and unlit. He grunted and thought maybe I’m just imagining things, an over-active imagination, that’s all it is.

Darrian decided to venture into the kitchen. He stepped passed the thresh hold and into the kitchen, looking around. The dinner table was still set as if the family were just sitting down to dinner. The food that must have been on the fine bone china plates was long rotted and gone. The silverware was now so tarnished you couldn’t tell it was silver anymore. The crystal goblets, half of them broken and shattered perhaps like the lives of the Martell family, we etched with time and decay. Cobwebs and dust littered the table like ants invading a family picnic. Everything was covered in them. A spider walked across one of the plates, Darrian could hear the little scratches its legs made on the plate. Darrian went to the light switch and flicked it on and off a few times, the lights didn’t turn off when he flicked them off. He frowned and stared at the light switch. Another black streak flew past his peripheral vision and Darrian jumped. He turned around and saw a little girl standing there. He could see through her to the family room behind her. She stared back at him and smiled softly, then turned toward the family room and walked out of the kitchen. She paused in the middle of the family room and looked back at him then motioned for him to follow her. Darrian considered this for a moment then muttered what the hell, might as well indulge her. He followed the little girl through the family room to the stairs that led to the upstairs room. As he passed the mirror in the hallway upstairs he saw two boys’ reflections in it, he paused to look across the hallway and saw no one standing there. He looked back at the mirror and their reflections were still there. The younger of the two boys mouthed the words no don’t go with her. Darrian whistled through his teeth and trudged on towards where the little girl was leading him.

She led him to a back room on the upstairs floor and passed through the closed door. Darrian tried the handle to the door and it didn’t budge. He stepped back and looked at the door, he was about to turn around and head back the way he came when the handle turned slowly on it’s own and the door swung open on the most terrifying scene Darrian had ever witnessed. Darrian screamed as he spun around on his heals and ran two steps at a time down the stairs and out the now fallen old front oak door. He ran down the path, through the woods and all the way home screaming in horror all the way.

He never spoke about what he saw till he was laying on his death bed. His grand daughter had to coax what he saw out of him.

“What did you see grandpa, in that old house” she asked him.

Darrian frowned and wrinkled his nose, “I don’t want to talk about that, not ever. Please don’t make me talk about that.”

“Please grandpa, pretty please”

“You’ll have nightmares for the rest of your life child” he grunted

“Common grandpa, please”

Darrian sighed and looked at her warily, he could never deny his apple of his eye. His granddaughter. She was his prized possession in life. He grunted as he gave into her pleas and told her this…

“When I looked into that room, I saw the worst thing any person could have ever witnessed. I can confirm the rumors that Mr. Martell did in fact murder his wife and children and then kill himself. I saw the whole crime and suicide play out in that room as if it were really happening. Mr. Martell bludgeoned his wife to death with a claw hammer. Shot his three children in the head point blank and then chopped up his family with an axe. He then turned toward me with the most evil and vilest of demonic grins and screamed clear as day, “DIE ALL OF YOU DIE”. He then stood on a chair and tied his noose around his neck, with the other end attached to the ceiling beam above, and hung himself.”

His grand daughter stared at him with wide, fearful eyes. He looked at her sadly. Closed his eyes and died quietly with his grand daughter’s hand on his.


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