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Ahhh…Brayden. My little couch monkey! I love this little guy’s antics. He is the funny man of the house. We have a nickname for him, he is Bradezilla.

Wondering why he has that nickname are you?

It all came about one day when Brayden had just learned to walk and the two older kidlets were playing stack the blocks. He was standing at the end of the hall watching intently for his moment to seize an opportunity to drive his older siblings nuts with his new found skills of walking upright with the rest of the human race. He stood there waiting for that last block to go on the mountain of blocks that was precariously teetering and swaying with every breath of his older siblings.

A single vibration and it could come crashing down to the floor. As that last block went up the little tyke grinned to himself and shot out of the hallway straight through the mini block town godzilla like and destroyed the block mountain with one swift swat of his chubby toddler legs.

Just like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs he dashed off just as quickly with his arms above his head, waggling his hands in the air and screaming with toddler glee while his older siblings screamed with anger…

…and so Brayden was reborn Bradezilla that day.


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