Brooklies – The Evil One

2006 11 25, BROOKE Originally uploaded by acgeal
This is Brookie’s evil, maniacal laughter. You can almost hear it can’t you? This is the laughter you would hear in our household as she torments her older siblings to the point of pure glee. She goes about her day laughing whole heartedly and from the deepest pit of her belly as she pulls the dog’s tail, yanks her brother’s around by the scruff of the neck and pokes the baby until he screams bloody murder. Not to mention her sticky fingers phase, everything is fair game within her eye level and hand grasp from phone to remotes to pulling my hair with a grunt and a giggle. She gets her hands on the phone so often it’s almost like greased lightening. Even when I hide the sucker and forget where I hid it on myself, she finds it. Well, the bright side is when I do lose the phone I have miss Evil to help me find it in .02 seconds flat.She is the tormentor, the cuddler and *dun dun dun* the Evil One. Now only if she had her pinky at her mouth like Dr. Evil she would be the Dr. Evil Baby. Could you just picture that, pinky at mouth, sly evil grin and maniacal laughter then out pops “I am Dr. Evil Baby”. Oh, out of the mouths of babes because if it isn’t spit out food into the palm of your hand, puke on your bare feet out of no where or water sprayed in your face on purpose, it’s some twisted little kidlet sarcasm with a touch of humor for flavor. All in all, she is your typical little happy 2 year old kidlet with her mama’s twisted temper and her papa’s silly sense of humor.


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