My New Printer

P1050245 Originally uploaded by acgeal
Saturday night we went out to Future Shop to look at printers but I ended up leaving in a raging huff because some idiot hohumed about being out of stock for a printer we were looking at instead of telling me right away about lack of stock. I mean, looking around for the box with your finger practically up your nose then telling the customer to take a model lower than what they want and when that customer says that was not what they asked for and then saying we’re out of stock – wouldn’t that make any insanely hormonal-right before your monthly- pms’ing psycho woman nuts? I ended up raving all the way home with hubby telling me I looked psychotically manic and that other drivers were avoiding us like the plague.

Tonight we ran out to do groceries but ended up in the Staples right next to the Future Shop that ticked me off before doing our groceries and a bit of good ol’ Wallymart shopping. Bought this little beauty at Staples (suck it Future Shop). Ain’t she so good looking with her touch LCD screen? It was about 100 dollars more than what we were going to spend Saturday night but so worth the better customer service.

After three years of not owning a printer because hubby dropped our old one on the floor when we moved into this place has come to a beautiful end. I can now print to my heart’s desires!

For you technoratis out there she’s a 6 color HP Photosmart D7460 with WiFi capabilities, card readers, touch screen and apparently a 34 ppm black and 33 ppm color blazing speed! Dandy and Handy at the same time!


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