The Boobinator


Originally uploaded by acgeal

Bry is breastfed, Bry also likes to pinch and roll my boob fat while nursing. I guess this is a comfort thing. It’s actually quite ritualistic for him. He lays there with me, pats my shoulder first then pets across my chest from shoulder to shoulder and that’s when it happens…The painful grab, thrust hand through chest wall out mommy’s back and roll\pinch the boob fat. All the while mama is doing the “Oh my gawd, he’s doing the boob roll again!” with the worse scrunched up face I can muster.

If they were recruiting for another Aliens movie I swear this kidlet could land a job as a baby Alien with this boob roll act he’s got. The kidlet is a natural too. Pat, Thrust fist through chest cavity, Pinch, Roll…and you know something the kid’s got this evil wicked grin on his face when he does it too, like he knows it drive mama nuts but mama won’t say anything because he’s too cute when he does it despite the pain. These are the joys of a breastfed baby, at least he’s not a Nipple Twidler…Yet.


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