This is me.

P1050109 Originally uploaded by acgeal
Yup, that’s all you are gonna get, a side profile. I absolutely hate having my picture taken. I’d rather lop off a big toe then have my picture taken. I find myself not so photogenic that I become critical of every photo I see of myself. I don’t have issues with my weight, I’m not all that bad looking – pretty average if you ask me. Yet, I still hate having my photo taken, maybe it has to do with hubby always sticking the camera in my face as close as possible and snapping a shot and blinding me with the camera flash?That man is photo happy let me tell you but dang can he really get some candid moments on camera and he’s good at it too. Most of the photos you see on my blog were all taken by him. My photos you will recognize for their blurry, have to squint your eyes to make out anything suckiness. He’s a natural at candid moments.


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