Brodie and Family Traditions

Brodie 21 Originally uploaded by acgeal

This is a photo of Brodie visiting my grandparent’s northern Quebec cottage that my grandfather built with his own two hands. This was my childhood summer home for 2 weeks out of the summer vacations from school.

We would go swimming off the dock, dragonfly hunting and bullfrog catching. When I look at this photo and see those walls it brings back memories of chicken dumplings with dark molasses and baked goods. It was a happy time in my life and a cherished moment in time that reminds me to stop and be a kid again.

I cried the first time I brought my kids to my cherished stomping grounds of childhood bliss because I was passing on a family tradition for the first time to the next generation. We all sat there, 4 generations at the dinner table. 4 generations of family, 4 generations of traditions and lineage. I cherish this photo because in Brodie’s face I see a true meaning of childhood happiness and pure utter blissful contentment at just being, just existing.

I can almost smell the chicken dumplings and thick, dark black molassas and the mouth watering aroma of just baked coconut squares, date squares and lemon squares my grandmother made every time we would visit her up north. This is what childhood is all about, the smell of clean and fresh country air with a tinge of home made meals and baked goods on the air and chasing bullfrogs through the bullrushes and lily pads along the lake’s shore and just being a kid.


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