Like Father, Like Son


Originally uploaded by acgeal

Looks like Bry is going to be a driver like papa. He loves his car bouncy like no other toy. He ended up falling asleep in his car bouncy the other day.

I can’t fathom that being at all comfortable. I mean the poor kidlet has his elbows at his ears and is chewing his seat in his sleep. Yes, I took him out of the car bouncy as soon as I snapped the pic.

With his hand on the steering wheel it leaves me to wonder if he’s dreaming of baby car racing or something considering not only his hand placement but his feet underneath were peddling like he was using a gas peddle and a break peddle. Maybe the tyke is paying attention in the van when we go places after all! Anyone up for a baby car race? I challange you to a baby duel!

*runs off cackling like a maniac*

Disclaimer: No kidlets were harmed in the making of this picture!


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