Our Wedding Plans – Update

 wedding cake

There are 9 months left until the big day comes. We already have our ceremony\reception site done, the officiant, weding rings, invites and an idea for the decorations and wedding cake. I can’t believe I still don’t have a dress but that’s ok I have a visual idea of what I want and where it is located. I have my budget that includes our hooneymoon as well. We’re having an outside ceremony and an indoors adult only reception. We’re also going “dry” reception which is something that a lot of our family members are not going to like but hey my day, my way right. We will be supplying bottles of red and white wine with dinner but there will be no other alcohol there. I prefer it this way because we have some big drinkers in our family and a few sensitive situations in the family that require a bit of finess and compassion.

I have a rant here, Why is it that the moment people hear the word wedding they price gouge you until you flop like a fish out of water? What’s that all about? Seriously, I am a very frugal, cheap bitch. I hate spending money I don’t have to spend. I hate spending money when I know there is a cheaper alternative out there. For instance, wedding photo packages…I see prices like 2500 or 4000 dollars for something you can go to a photographer who does photojornalism or a college student looking to expand their graduating portfolio and spend 400 dollars instead. That’s a huge difference there between 4000 dollars and 400 dollars. Same thing for wedding bands, I saw one online for 2000 dollars, like what the fark? I spent 66 for 14 K gold for mine and 72 for his. They are what I want, were in the “normal” ring section and they are absolutely gorgeous traditional celtic wedding bands.

Update: I just spent 400 dollars on main table decos, DIY bouquets, favors, goblets, guestbook & pen, DIY center pieces customized cameras for the tables, place card holders (great deal on those, they were .99 cents on sale!) and whole wack of other stuff. Basically my main table decos, center pieces and favors, as well as the bride’s bouquet and bride’s maids, maid of honor bouquets are all covered. I just saved us a mini fortune!


One Response to “Our Wedding Plans – Update”

  1. I am the queen at budgeting… I did my wedding/reception 4 years ago for under 10k for 165 guests. That’s including a little engagement party I put on as well. Go me. Anyway, I found a photog for my sister’s wedding in ’06 on craigslist for about $500 – the lady was trying to update her portfolio and even gave my sister the disk with copyrights. Good luck!

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