I Have a WMB


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Yup, a WMB. You wondering what that is yet? It can feed a kidlet any time of day, it keeps the food at the right temperature, it produces the food and it can be used as a weapon. Confused? WMB’s are Weapons of Mass Boobage! The weapon is over reactive let down. I don’t mean for them to be weapons but man that let down can shoot clear across a 50 foot room when it gets going. No wonder the poor kidlet kicks his feet and smacks my chest when the let down occurs. The poor kid must be thinking to himself “what a conundrum I’m in, I’m hungry, this stuff is da bomb but it’s trying to choke me here…” or better yet, with wide eyed enthusiasm and gulping gapes he’s thinking “Whoa Nelly” as the let down shoots boobie juice out his nose and he sputters with a big milky grin on his face over the abundance of food supply and time on his little chubby hands to eat at will whenever, where ever and how ever he desires.

Then there are the times where he pops off and I swear he’s aiming the boob weapon at a sibling that just finished torturing him with silly songs and pokes in gut 10 minutes ago. That chubby little set of fingers points his weapon of mass boobage into position and the let down let’s fly a massive amount of booby juice in the general direction of the offending sibling while he grins ear to ear and smacks his lips on the sly.

The kid is sneeky and he isn’t even a year old yet and he’s already seeking his revenge on his sibblings the best way he knows how. He’s so sneeky about his WMB attacks on his sibblings that when they look over to see the source of their now soaked faces he turns as quickly as possible toward his food aka weapons and latches on with a sly little side glance and satisfied smirk on his face.

My boob barnacle is a happy barnacle indeed.


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