The Last 6 Days


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The last 6 days have been …well, interesting to say the least. With the 2 year old puking on my feet, the 6 year old terrorizing every living thing within his vacinity and the older kidlets missing 4 days of school due to their no nit policies (stupid no nit policies) and our battle with the bugs it’s been pretty chaotic here.

Bri was totally bored and every two seconds it was mama…maaaamaaaaa…Brayden is used to having mama to himself (somewhat) in the mornings and was none too happy so he was bradezilla for 6 days with a little side dish of holy terror too.

The baby is teething and I’m trying to nurse, tend to a sick 2 year old, do head lice head checks and comb throughs, clean my house from top to bottom, vacuum twice a day and the washer and dryer were going non stop for 6 days, bags of toys and clean clothes not being used all over the place all while trying to corale the little howler couch monkeys acting like someone gave them a hit of speed at the same time.

My good lords and ladies, I am so tired and so worn out from the last 6 days that I think I’m gonna go join the little howler couch monkeys in their game of bananas and shenanigans!


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