2006 04 29, BROOKE & COFFEE Originally uploaded by acgeal
My children, I swear, were born with their parent’s affinity to timmy’s coffee (aka Tim Horton’s). They have our genetic love for the timmy’s coffee to the point that they try to steal ours when we aren’t looking.

My mother in law, before she passed away, is the true culprit of my children’s love affair  of coffee. She used to sneek them sips of coffee when we weren’t looking. We’ve kind of kept that nanny tradition alive even though she isn’t with us now by carrying on the sneek the sip game with the children.

Even the dog is a timmy’s coffee addict. I remember the first time our dog Kemo had coffee. He was spinning in circles from the caffeine rush and his even his bark was a higher pitch for an hour afterwards. Now he gets his own small timmy’s every other time we go for a tim’s round at the local drive thru.


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