Brodie’s Baby Picture


Originally uploaded by acgeal

This was a pro picture done when Brodie was 2.5 months old. He still had his preemie look to him. That old man jowels look. He was so tiny when he was born. For a micro prem he was actually quite large at 3 lbs, 7oz. The doctors were suprised that a 29 weeker could be so big.

I remember the day I brought him home from the neonatal intensive care unit. Being a new mom I was inexperienced in the department of diaper duty and diaper duty with a boy at that. Not only did the little tyke pee on me but pooped all over himself, my couch, me and the floor.

It was everywhere, and when I say everywhere I mean in every crevace, on every surface, on everything within vicinity of that kidlet’s butt. I couldn’t believe this little creature could produce that much poop in one poopie session. Where does that much baby poop come from. I swear I was looking for another bum hole on the kid, there had to be a second one somewhere on that baby for that much poop to be all over the place!


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