Wedding Favors

favors Originally uploaded by acgeal
Well, the first part of the wedding favors came in by UPS yesterday evening. Hubby saw the boxes at the front door, looked at me, looked at the boxes and then just shook his head and said do I want to know how much you spent on whatever’s in there?

I said 80 bucks plus the brokerage fee of 40 (don’t get me started on brokerage fees though, damned UPS and their brokerage fees). His eyes bugged out and he said what the heck is it? I said wedding favors…his face went blank and he said what are wedding favors?

It was my turn to shake my head, then I had to explain what wedding favors were and he said you spend 120 dollars on stupid little smelly apple candles?

I could have slapped his head off just then…


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