Esten Lake – An Honoring

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Esten Lake is where my hubby’s uncle Donny died in a boating accident trying to save his brother Butch. I loved that man despite the fact I didn’t know him for very long.

Bry holds this man’s name as a middle name. This summer, in my own fashion, I honored the man that gave my son his middle name.

With a Pagan meditation and ritual and an “annointing” of my son from the waters of Esten Lake, I honored a man and a name and a new generation.

Donny will live on in the hearts of many people in the family, he was a man of honor, integrity and strength. A man I respect and love deeply as if he were my blood uncle, he was very much a father figure to me and my children who knew him.

Now, he will live on in the flesh and doings of my son who holds his name. I should only hope and aspire to the very fact that my son will come to inheirit some of Donny’s personality and qualities. Even half of what this man was and I’ve had done my job as mama devinely and perfectly.

May the old ones and the young be loved,

And all the forms of love be blessed,

And all the colors of our skin be praised,

And all the cycles of life be saved.

May all who hunger now be fed,

May we heal the earth that grows our bread.

Let it begin with each step we take

And let it begin with each change we make

And let it begin with each chain we break

And let it begin every time we awake.


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