Gates of Hell Story – North Bay


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I haven’t blogged in a little bit so let’s start with this little tid bit of a photo. This is the notorious *dum dum dum* “Gates of Hell” in North Bay, Ontario.

The story goes that some evil pedophile guy was taking little boys and girls out into that bush and raping and killing them and the parents of the community formed a posse and lynched the man in that same clearing where he took his victims to. As legends are born, there happens to be an old, falling apart gate and eerieness to that area of woods. No birds sing, no bugs chirp and the animals seem to avoid that little clearing like a plague on steroids.

It does feel “evil”, we’ve walked through that clearing with the sense of discomfort (or maybe mass hysteria). There are no records of some pedophile weirdo being lynched or even existing. Hubby says it’s just a myth (or so he seems to think), a legend that the local teens use to scare each other on a dark, cold night for shits and giggles.

Still, I get a sense of forboding and discomforting uneasiness everytime I see the photo or have been near the site of Hell’s Gates. I can’t get over the fact that even birds, bugs and animals won’t go near the dang place – do animals get mass hysteria too?


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