Prospector’s Cabin


Originally uploaded by acgeal

Another shot of the prospector’s cabin. The reason why Elliot Lake has these tid bits of history is because of their (at the moment) defunct uranium mines.

Elliot Lake is known for their uranium, it put them on the Ontarian maps in the 40’s and the boom of uranium ended in the 80’s. They’re thinking of re-opening the mines in the next 2 years because Saskatuan’s (did I even spell that right?) uranium mines are causing uranium poisoning problems for employees and towners in the area. They’re saying the Sask. uranium is too pure and rich and causes employees illnesses within 6 months of employment.

The reason Elliot Lake’s mines closed was because it was too costly to mine it here, they figured it would cost more to bring up the deeper viens of uranium and that’s when Sask. found out they had viens that were bigger and closer to the surface. It’s been said a Japanese firm has purchased all 7 Elliot Lake mines and plans on opening them up in the next two years.


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