Holy Mice Batman!

P1050369 Originally uploaded by acgeal
If you don’t remember, I’ve mentioned a little mouse problem we’ve been having. We are doing some moving around in our apartment because we’re getting ready to throw up the Christmas tree (ha, throw up..that’s funny. Anyone with kidlets would realize this is a 3 hour event and no one throws up a Christmas tree – I wonder how that feels on the throat?).

Low and behold what do I find in a box of obviously very chewed magazines? Yeah, you’re looking at it – baby mice. Not only did I find these 6 babies but 8 juveniles and 2 adults. Ever have a mouse fly out of a box as if someone booted it like a football in the ass? Well, all 10 of the bigger mice flew out of the box as if they were punted out in the ass and off my kitchen table, onto the floor and into their various hidding places. I have 10 snap traps waiting for those disgusting suckers but what the bleep do I do with these little suckers?

Part of me wants to just shove them out the door and let them freeze to death but the other more spiritual part of me hurts to even think of hurting them. My kidlets obviously come first, along with their health so it seems I must become a mouse baby murderer for the sake of my human babies health and well being. It sucks but my kidlets mean more to me than anything small, squeeky and mouse like ever will. At least they won’t suffer the fate of their adult counter parts and be strangled\suffocated by snap traps. Being put out in the cold and going to sleep and never waking up is better than nearly getting decapitated. At least I can take solace in that fact as a mouse murderer.


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