Bathroom Woes

This is pretty much how it goes:

5yr old: Mommmmmmmyyyy
Me: I’m going to the bathroom B can you wait please.
5 yr old: But mommy, I have to go pee pee
Me: I am going to the bathroom B, please wait for me to finish
silence for all of 5 seconds…

5 yr old: Mama are you doing poopie?
Me: *sigh* B, please leave me go in peace
5yr old: mama I don’t wanna pee in your stinky
4yr old: Mama can I sit with you while you go potty?
Me to 4 yr old: NO!
While 5 yr old laughs
4 yr old: But mama, you make funny faces when you poo!
7 yr old barges right in with baby in arms and 2 yr old behind him…



One Response to “Bathroom Woes”

  1. Ah, isn’t motherhood grand? See, I HAVE to take my daughter into the bathroom with me so she doesn’t mess with the baby while I’m in there! I was thinking it will be nice when I can lock them both out and go in peace, but by the sound of your post that won’t happen for a long long time!

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