My Sanctuary – Take Two


Originally uploaded by acgeal

This piece is a representation of my children. The five seashells are my five children. The sand represents the sands of time and the Elemental Earth, the water represents the Elemental water and the ability that my children posses, the ability to mold themselves to any situation (as water molds itself to any terrain presented to it) and yet the ability to stand strong and carve their own paths in life (water carves into stone over time). The color red is the representation of Elemental Fire, burning strong and all cleansing. The Elemental Air is represented in the color of the seashells (white and blue), all encompassing and light hearted and yet strong when it needs to be and sweet smelling like a soft breeze on a mid summer night’s eve.

This is my sanctuary, my home within my home. My space of meditation and prayer. My space for journey into the self and understanding my womanliness.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the pieces, I enjoyed writing about them for you.


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