The Altar Cloth

Altar Cloth

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This is my altar cloth. It signifies my Goddess, the Triple Moon Goddess. She is the Maiden, The Mother, The Crone. She signifies all that is womanly and all that is life giving. She is the three stages of womanliness. Girl Child, Child Bearer, and Wise Matriarch. She also represents the three stages of womanly aging. Young, in the prime and old age.

When one is young, they can be foolish but learn from experience and trial and error.

In Her prime, a woman gives life and bears the fruits of the next generation to nurture and raise.

In Her old age, she is wise and weathered with experience to pass on to the next generation she has helped nurture and raise.

3 is a very mystical number, a strong and powerful number. Everything comes in threes eventually whether we age (child, young adult, old age) or karma comes back to us (ever hear that the things you do come back to you three fold? That’s Karma!).

The moon is also a powerful symbol, it signifies a woman’s womanhood and the stages of her womanhood. Her pre child bearing abilities as a Child Woman, her Prime or abilities to bear a child in her Child Bearing Times, and her loss of ability to bear children in her Menopausal State. The three phases of a woman’s life are contained in the symbolics of the Triple Moon: New Moon, Full Moon and Old Moon.

The moon phases also refer to the phases of a woman’s estrus cycles. New Moon would be her infertile time, Full Moon is her ovulation and Old Moon is her time of estrus where, if a child is not conceived, she sloughs away the life blood to prepare for another cycle of her estrus and subsequently another cycle of possible child conception and soon, child bearing.

Symbols play a deep and sacred role in my sanctuary. My Goddess is always beside me, never failing to lift me up and carry me when I need her. She is my sister, my mother, my daughter, my aunt, my friend.


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