Sometimes I Wonder About My Son

Oh my belly is crampy
Gotta take a dumpy
Gonna leave a stainy
Oh my god it’s stinkies
Almost didn’t get my pants down my leggies
Just killed the birdie
because he came up the stairs with meeee
Birdie gasped and did the funky wormy
Now I’m standing and still crampy
Oh no it ran down my leggies
This really really suckies
When you have the squirties
so soft and stinkies
with the streakies
on your undies!

Yeah, this is what my 7 year old was singing in the bathroom…


2 Responses to “Sometimes I Wonder About My Son”

  1. They say the funniest things *lol*

  2. I’m glad you clarified that it was your child singing this song and not you. (though once or twice in my life it may have been ME singing it!)

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