Talk About Bruised and Bashed

Earlier this afternoon I was sitting here with my legs crossed and tucked under me working on some web site coding when I got up to go get another cup of coffee. Low and behold, the moment I got up I fell flat on my face. Why? because my foot, my leg, my lower back, my butt (yes, your pervies, there too) and my whole right side just under the armpit had gone totally numb and tingly! I didn’t realize it and SPLAT right on my face and to add insult to injury, I broke my favie cup handle off of my favie cup falling on my face. Not to mention the blast of laughter I could hear ringing through my house as my 6 yr old, 4 yr old and 2 yr old (heck even the 10 month old got in on the laugh at mommy moment) all laughed at me as I tried to struggle to my feet in an awkward half funky worm and half chicken dance manoever that didn’t seem to quite make it.

I spent the better part of an hour sitting on the floor (after about 20 minutes of laying on it) waiting out the nasty pins and needles and grimacing at the fact that the moment their daddy walks in the door tonight is the moment they are going to rat me out and tell him what the funniest part of their day was.

“daddy, mommy fell on her face today and it was hilarious!” (gee, thanks…uhm…yeah). He’ll ask if I’m ok first, I’ll say fine. He’ll laugh at it and I’ll make a face and go make dinner. Boy, can’t wait (note to self, do not sit on feet at the computer while you work!!)


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