Kiwi and His UBE’s

A UBE is an Unidentified Birdy Emergency. It is those times a parrot (particularly parrots of the aritinga nandayus or nanday conure) will start freaking out for no reason. It is something that no one knows why the parrot is doing it. Parrots have exceptional hearing and smell. They also have exceptional sight.


Sometimes a change in clothing or appearances can set a parrot off, a color they don’t like. Got your nails just done, is it red? Yup, they don’t like it and start screaming, squawking and freaking out. Take for example Kiwi’s extreme hatred for my mop, it’s red. He hates it and goes bonkers the moment I touch the handle. Aritinga nandayus (aka nanday conures) are the loudest of the conure family and a bird that has a very abrasive voice, very rough. You can hear him down the building hallways. One neighbor even told me she could hear him in her basement, down the hall at the end of it.



One Response to “Kiwi and His UBE’s”

  1. he is a cutie

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