Oh For The Love of Colds

I have this nasty cold right now turned lung infection. Beans got a rabbit for her birthday yesturday and this morning I was coughing so hard I couldn’t breath. All I hear is “mommy, I wanna hold my bunny, can I hold my bunny, can I” through the whole 20 minutes coughing fit. While she’s begging to hold her new bunny (who she conveinently names Binou, from the tree house show Toopy and Binou) I am standing there turning blue in the face. I threw up my hand to indicate one minute please while I hack my lungs on your feet. Didn’t work the onslaught of can I, Can I, Can I’s continues as I am about to pass out from lack of oxygen.

I finally get the coughing fit under control and Beans looks at me all funny…opens her mouth, closes it with a pop, thinks a second..then says…

“so can I mama, hold my bunny now I mean”

I couldn’t help but laugh while she looked at me as if I’d lost my marbles.


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