Owning a Wolf Dog

We have a husky, European grey wolf, malamute cross breed (actually, it’s husky and sarloos wolf hound cross breed. The sarloos wolfhound is a dog that is cross bred with a European grey wolf and a malamute. The malamute is a close cousin to the husky). Because of the nature of Kemo’s personality and breeding he does some pretty interesting things. The husky in him loves to dig and park his butt in his dug up holes to sleep in out in the backyard. He also has this insane need to pull (or mush) the wagon on command and leash. He was bred from the Midnorthern Nathutch Kennels. He was a sled dog and a show dog at one point in his short 4 year old life. He was returned multiple times to the kennel because of behavior issues. That’s when we found him 2 December’s ago, in the paper for free.


We ended up falling in love with the furry little bugger on sight and decided to take a crack at it with him. We had him relearn his basic commands such as sit, stay, lay down and pull (that one was inevitable due to his insane need for it). The wolf in him finds him howling with the wolves every August (or mama year round) when we go bush camping. It’s actually quite majestic to watch him howl with is cousins up north. The way he throws his head back and lets loose that long and low sounding howl. It’s like a prideful moment with a touch of bittersweet nostalgia for what was and what is. It’s like a tribute he is making to his ancestors and his fellow wolf brethren. There have been some bush camping trips where I have joined in on this moment and howled with him and his cousins. Truly a unique experience and one that touches the soul. I wonder if that’s why he does howl with them. He’s a little charmer and a great fur baby. He’s sweet with the kids, never snips at them and always so patient. He does, however, have his furry little lips permanently suctioned to hubby’s left butt cheek and is totally his suck.



2 Responses to “Owning a Wolf Dog”

  1. He is beautiful, we just got a Husky in December and she is great.

  2. he is also a cutie too

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