No More Babies

Next month is my youngest kidlet’s first birthday. I will be bawling on that day because there will be no babies left in my house hold, only tots and kidlets. Bry has now learned to crawl (about a month ago), sit up and pull himself to his knees (2 weeks ago) and this weekend, for the very first time my baby boy has discovered the joys of standing upright by himself (with the aid of the couch). It was a joyous moment for him with a little chubby hand grabbing at the couch and yanking himself up to his feet all on his little lonesome. With a little giggle of glee he looked back at me to see if mama was watching and grinned the biggest grin I’ve seen.

That boy was so proud of himself, mama was proud of him too but geeze kid, do you have to grow up so fast? So fast to the point where mama has to comment where did the time fly by? I can remember when he was in the NICU, so tiny and so fragile yet strong in his right. Laying in an isollete (incubator) on room air and being weened of medications for bradycardia and preemie apnea. Heck, I can remember when my first was born and so tiny that we could hold him in one hand and still have room to balance a teddy bear in the same hand with him. Why do kidlets have to grow up so fast?


2 Responses to “No More Babies”

  1. momof1whosoars Says:

    Awwww, I understand 100% what you mean. My (now) youngest is 2 already! She seems so old! But still I know how thankful you are that he is growing up at the sametime.

    My little girl spent her entire life in the NICU and never came home. So I sure do understand how tiny they look and are in there.

    Wishing your little one an Early Happy First Birthday!!

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