Wedding Vendors

I have three wedding vendors that I want to tell my readers about. Absolutely amazing people with hearts of gold. I’ll start with my photographer.

Vendor: In Bloom Photography

Contact: Carolyn P



This is a woman I can relate to. A WAHM (work at home mom) who is as diverse as she is talented. A wonderful person who tells it like it is and doesn’t mash her words. She’s willing to work with a bride as a person and not a money grab. Not only did I enjoy meeting her but I found I could relate to her on a personal level because she made herself personable and is down to earth. Great personality and very easy going woman. I have a great respect for this lovely lady, as a mom, as a working mama and as a vendor and person. Very fairly priced and takes everything the bride holds dear as if it were her own. On top of this, her photography is phenomenal, she’s one of the most talented I’ve seen in the last 18 months of researching for a photographer. If not, the best I’ve found. A++ services and always in communication with her clients. Top notch!

Vendor: The Wedding Decorators Inc

Contact: Sherisse B



Another lovely and down to earth lady. This woman has a knack and major talent for beautiful art through table linens and chair cover decorations. Very good with communicating with her clients, very fairly priced services. Awesomely easy to get along with and very sure of herself and ability to “read” a bride’s mind on what she wants and how she wants it. Gorgeous show room. This is a family owned business that garners respect with just the very presence of their talented decorations. Her services have major wow and pop factor!

Vendor: Baked Desserts

Contact: Karen



Delicacies that I could not fathom my watering taste buds could ever lay tongue on. Very wonderful lady and awesome treats to die for. Very well priced for wedding cakes and desserts. Another awesome vendor that does not view a bride to be as a bucket of money to be had for as much as possible. Willing to work with any budget and with any type of needs. She is the another down to earth lady that I could see myself getting along with perfectly. Very knowledgeable, very accommodating and extremely patient.


If you want frugal, these three vendors are very frugal and very easy to get along with. Very accommodating to your needs and always willing to suggest the best for the least amount of your money. They all communicate often and with reliability. They always have your desires and your best interests in mind. Best danged services I’ve seen in a long time!


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