Tuesday Toots

There is a little meme (I’ve heard of these meme’s before, read a few too) from the Blogamama called Tuesday Toot. Since it sounds like fun I thought I would do my own little horn tooting today.

I wanted to toot about my 6 year old daughter and her extremely loving nature towards her youngest siblings. Beans is an absolute doll, she enjoys taking care of her 2 yr old and 10 month old siblings when I am either doing laundry, cooking dinner or other various house hold chores. This child is a natural mama (actually, she’s a real mama hen)! When I have trouble getting the 10 month old to take a nap she’ll come up and say that she wants to hold him and play with him. Not even 10 minutes later I’ll look up from the stove or sink and the 10 month old is fast asleep in his car seat wrapped in his favie blankie. How does this little lady do it? She’s professed her secret to me last weekend on how she manages to get her baby brother to fall asleep so quickly when I’ve failed miserably to comfort him or help him fall asleep. She sits with him in his car seat (she’s a petite little lady) and wraps him up in his favie blankie and strokes his face and head and sings him “loveabys” (her version of lullaby’s). She is the sweetest little thing on two legs, it brought a tear to my eye when she told me this. She volunteers it, is never asked to do it. Even her teachers at school make mention of her helpful and loving nature towards her classmates and how sensitive she is to the others around her and their feelings. When a school mate falls and scrapes a knee, she’s right there before the teacher is comforting her school mate and telling them it will be ok. I’ve got me a child mama on my hands, this little lady is going to be a really great mama when she grows up! I’m so proud of her and the loving and expressively emotional nurturing personality she has. I must be doing something right here as a mama with her, I know that children are led by example and I realize that my own displays of affection with my children are rubbing off on her (and the other children). I’ve said before that if I could raise my children to be half as nurturing as certain family members (that have passed on) I have had done my mama job as divinely as possible.


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