Breastmilk & Stem Cell Research

What do these two things have in common you ask? It has recently been discovered that human breast milk contains stem cells! Possibly the type of stem cells that can be altered to grow different types of human tissues and possibly help with diseases like diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Even help repair a damaged spinal cord!


Arccording to the article the above picture (which is linked to the article by the way) is mammary stem cells (red/blue) and differentiated adult mammary cells (green) isolated from human breast milk. What a beautiful picture!

“We have shown these cells have all the physical characteristics of stem cells. What we will do next is to see if they behave like stem cells,” he says.

If so, they promise to provide researchers with an entirely ethical means of harvesting stem cells for research without the debate that has dogged the harvesting of cells from embryos.

Further research on immune cells, which have also been found in breast milk and have already been shown to survive the baby’s digestive process, could provide a pathway to developing targets to beat certain viruses or bacteria.

Besides the stem cells, as an immunivist, this latest piece from the article (quoted and bolded above) interests me most. We have definitive proof that mama’s milk benefits baby on an immunity level far beyond the scope of what most doctors and pharmaceutical companies would have us believe. Avid breastfeeding mothers, with the knowledge and experience behind them, that are immunivists as well have been shouting it out for years that breast milk benefits baby well beyond what we are told that it does. It does not end at 6 months and has lifelong benefits.



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