Some Random Thoughts

I missed Tuesday’s Toot this week. We were sick with the all famous gastroenteritis causing Rotavirus. It started with the little 2 yr old and worked it’s way through the whole house hold over the week. The kidlets missed a full week of school because of it. Tuesday’s Toot will be back next week.

Boober has his first little tooth! Another milestone met. It erupted sometime this week (probably in the last few days) and I just noticed it this morning while he was laughing and playing. Wow, already. This month is his birth month. He’s turning 1 year old this month, boy does time fly fast.

I’d like to bring to your attention, my fine readers, a site called Breast of Canada. It’s a site about women reclaiming their breasts as their own and making people realize that breasts are not just an erogenous zone. They are nourishment, sacred and not just “up for grabs”. In this day and age with the media touting it’s boobs, boobs, boobs mantra and sex sells everything it’s time for us women to reclaim what is rightfully ours – our breasts.

The Creatrix (or God, Mother Nature, come whatever it is you believe in) did not create our breasts to sell beer and clothing. She meant our breasts to be the nurturing and nourishing tools of a loving mother. She also meant them to be ours and not some profane tool to sell whatever it is the manufacturers think we need. It’s time to respect ourselves and our breasts. It’s time to reclaim who we are and that includes loving our breasts for what they are – a part of us that makes us who we are and in the end a whole person.

I am not some “set of jugs”, “bonzungas”, or “a pair of tas-tas”. I am a mother, a woman, a sister, a daughter, an aunt. I am breastiful (beautiful).


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