Life Tree Shoppe

My new WAHM adventure will begin soon as I continue to grow my online shop concept through web developing and graphics design. Here’s a sneak peek at what it looks like now, mind you the links to the right do not work yet, I am waiting on bites for retailing and offers from other WAHMs to retail their product through the Life Tree label.

The Concept of Life Tree Shoppe

Those who want to sell or become a WAHM but do not have the necessary web developing or graphics design abilities to make an online shop come to me under the Life Tree Shoppe label and provide the pictures of their product, the description and the retail price of that product that they want and I do all the work of putting it up in the LTS shop site and cart for a commission payment. I don’t get paid unless you sell something.

Basically what I am doing is taking the work out of it and making it easier for WAHM’s to sell their product with very little work to do it with. If a WAHM already has an established online shop, I’ll retail her products as well and she can pay a fee (based on 1 or 2 yr prices) for advertising. She can also choose to just advertise at LTS or only sell product for a commission base agreed upon between LTS and the WAHM.

This gives the opportunity to those who don’t know how to web program or develop graphics. There will also be a blog for all WAHM’s to post a promo of their products, gift certificates or specials as well when they come up.

So it’s pretty much a choice of advertise for a flat fee or sell the WAHM product under the Life Tree Shoppe label for commission to me, or both if they like. I do not require the label on the product, if the label is the WAHM’s shop product label this is perfectly exceptable. The invoice would have LTS’s logo and the WAHM’s logo on it.

There will also be an Affiliates & Sponsors section – you can sponsor LTS for a flat fee either in a monthly or yearly flat fee or you can become an affiliate where if someone clicks on the link and buys a product from the shop you make commission on the sale as well as myself and the WAHM they bought from.


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