Newest Addition!

This is Balue, our newest addition to the family. The little guy is about 8 or 9 weeks old (or so I’m told) and the only male of the litter of 5 little furballs his mama had.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a cat in the house, about 4 years actually. Swore I wouldn’t have another cat in the house but he charmed my heart and we have a major mouse problem in the house that he’ll hopefully be able to remedy when he gets a little older and a little bigger. Recent studies have found that just the presence of a cat and the smell of a cat in the house deters rodents like mice, rats and the likes. Something to do with instinctual fear based on smell. They run and hide or leave the area.

He’s named (not spelled the same way) after the character in The Jungle Book, the bear. His personality reminds me of the bear in the jungle book. The laid back, meh – whatever kind of attitude he has and the very deep, wise blue eyes he has. He’s an old kitty soul!

He’s got some real good ‘tude too. Our husky is having a difficult time adjusting to his presence (don’t worry they are not unsupervised at all in any way and we have taken precautions and kept Balue in the upstairs bathroom with his toys, food, water, liter and sleeping basket to keep him safe from Kemo) and last night was an interesting moment. Hubbs had Kemo by his choke collar and the door was open with Balue in my lap to give the two boys some time to sniff each other out at a safe distance. Well, Kemo wanted more than a sniff, he wanted a taste test and tried to get close but couldn’t and started bouncing around while Hubbs was holding him back by the choker. Balue was not pleased! He jumped off my lap, stood in the doorway and raised heckles, his back and hissed, spit and growled at a dog that obviously weights about 1000 times more than he does. The little kitty tyke is about the size of one of Kemo’s paws. Boy did the fur boys give us a good laugh!


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