The rings we wanted went out of stock and jumped in price (to almost 1000 dollars) just before we went to order them about 8 months ago. It was disheartening and we were upset. So I spent the better part of wedding planning searching for an alternative in the last 8 months and we found an awesome set of rings. It cost us even less than the original price of the other rings we were going to order. The above picture is our set of rings. It’s Platinum\Titanium with gold inlay and cost us 306 with a life time warranty and free shipping for both rings.

If you are wedding planning and are being frugal in your wedding planning or are looking for unique and durable rings go check out this site:

Just Titanium has some amazing prices and free shipping on international orders of 199.00 or more. Lifetime warranties for 19.99 and laser engraving (12 characters) for 8.99. They have ring sizing listed in US\UK\British. They also have fairly decent variety in ring sizes and styles of rings as well as materials used to make the rings. Shipping is 2 to 5 business days. 14 day return policy and satisfaction guaranteed!

I love the new set we picked, and I think it will make for a very unique set of bands. Something for the guests and family to talk about for a long time coming! Thank you Just Titanium!


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