Another Teacher – Another Child

News Story

*SIGH* What will it take to make people understand that what they do affects a child so profoundly that it shapes their world and personalities permanently? Is our education system this badly falling apart, what happened to the strict background checks and proper education for teaching degrees?

Since when is it the right of a teacher to degrade a 5 year old kindy student by calling him ignorant, selfish, self-absorbed, telling him he’s pathetic.

You know what’s even worse this woman has no remorse either just like Ms. Partillo. Except this one out right admits it by saying “If me saying these words to you hurt, I hope it does because you’re hurting everyone else around you.”. Do these teachers think they are teaching college students, adults? Now, if it had been an adult she was speaking to it wouldn’t be so mind boggling and upsetting. Adults can handle being told off but to do this to a 5 year old child – it’s just sickening, frustrating and leaves me speechless.

Good thing that comes out of this, there’s no hearsay or lack of evidence of mental and emotional abuse of a child in this case. Mama and Papa were smart. They caught the teacher on tape recorder saying these things to their child! Hopefully, depending on their state laws, the covert recording is legal there and that teacher deserves her license revoked, to be charged with abuse of a child and to be booted out on her ass and never allowed to work with children again either.

To the Partillos and Woodwards of the world, we are watching you – I suggest you all get with the program and start learning what compassion and sensitivity means. Did it ever occur to any of you that you don’t step between mama bear and her babies? You are liable to have your heads ripped off and receive a proverbial public flogging.

These stories make me question my own public school’s kindy teacher. What exactly is happening in the class when I’m not there to see? I find the public schools sorely lacking now a days. It’s a heartbreaking shame.


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