At Last, Back Again

I’ve been away for quite some time. Wedding planning, wedding day, family matters, school starting and much more. Here’s my “I am back now” update post.

First off, the wedding ~ Thank you to Pammy, SIL and my mother for all they did. Without you three it would not have been the day we wanted nor would it have happened at all. The appreciation is great and the love for you all is big.

It was a wedding to die for, just the way we wanted it. Personal, so us and a very happy and hopefully much talked about day by our friends and family. Like most guests said, finally – it’s about time!

On the home front, school has started this week for 3 out of my 5 kidlets. I am pleased to say they are doing well. This year we have a goal together of not missing any days of school barring illnesses. I am very happy that my kids seem happy about being back in school, they missed the environment and seem to enjoy the routine of it all.

Pet wise, I am sorry to report that Binou passed away back in July. Very unsettling his passing. In a nutshell, we were dog sitting a family member’s husky (still a pup) when she attacked and killed Binou. I had the unfortunate “pleasure” of witnessing the whole situation and thankfully my children did not. It was very heartbreaking and I’ll never forget the fact that rabbits do really sound like screaming infants. On a side note, we adopted two lady rabbits, obviously not a replacement of Binou however they seem to be settling wonderfully in their new home. I love the girls, they are very out going and laid back.

As for me, I will be going back to school in October or November for bar tending. It’s a big industry where we are and I am tired of computers and graphics design. My hands hurt too much for typing and image manipulations now. I’ll probably still do the graphics design just on a smaller scale. I am also looking for adult time for myself, now that the little one has been weened for almost 4 or 5 months and three are in school I would like to hit the work force again. I need adult contact now, for sanity purposes. I’ve spent the last (almost) 8 years raising little ones and now it’s time to start contributing to me (is that selfish sounding?) and mine in a more financially productive manner.

I see I’ve reached and surpassed the 5000 hits mark, I never thought my blog would be that popular or note worthy so a loud and proud thank you to all my readers and regulars. I am appreciative of your interest in me and mine. Thank you!


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