Wedding Photos – Non-Pro Pics

I thought I would share some wedding photos for all of you to see. Once I get the disc from Carolyn from In Bloom Photography (wonderful woman, very talented, thank you Carolyn!) I will share some of those with you as well.

This is part of the ceremony, it was a pagan rituals ceremony. We had a traditional hand fastening, opening the circle and calling the Airts (Four Corners) as well as a more traditional ring exchange, jumping of the broom and what have you. My mom made me cry with her reading of a Mother’s Ballad (it hits home for her about her mom).


The Bridal party with complimentary 2 yr old child who looks like she is having a grand old time. She was very happy to get in on photo opportunities, she loves cameras and is not at all camera shy (that’s my 2 yr old little cutie by the way).


The Best man (my BIL), matron of honor and us.


The cake everyone raved about and loved. Thank you Baked Desserts, Karen you did an awesome job. Definitely a lady you can count on and know she’ll do 200% for you on your big day or any occasion you might want her delectable treats for!


This is me, yup only the second frontal facial view in the entire blog (not counting wordpress avatar) you may ever come to see. I’m feeling generous and a little self confident enough to post it.


Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed the pictures of our day as much as we enjoyed our day ourselves.


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