Dreaming In Paranormal

I was laying in bed with my daughter’s exercauser at the foot of the bed with a voice recorder (this is the dream by the way not actual events) and in my dream I felt the presence of someone. Then my dreams jump to a house I do not recognize, has mauve\purplish walls with the corners of the house a crystal glass (you can through with a little blur, it was like those intricate wine glasses with the etched designs). Outside, seeing through these crystal glass corners of the house I saw a raging fire creeping up to the house. My father (don’t know why the entity chose to represent itself to me as my father) was sitting on a purple\mauve and white antique couch with a flower pattern, high back. It had claw feet of some sort of dark wood and wooden arm rests that were similar to the feet. There was a chandelier above out heads and the lighting in the room was dimmed. My father said in a voice that was not his own, Maneault (seems to be a french first or last name, I am estimating the spelling). I then asked (I have very lucid dreams) is this your mother? He looked at me quite strangely and (again not his voice) he said Maneault, yes mother. Nods and says mother again.

Then I wake up. I head down stairs to grab the dig cam, as usually when I dream this lucidly I find I feel a presence and feel it’s something that they are trying to tell me. I snapped the photos in succession one after the other. Put the dig cam down, still shaking at this point as well because of the strange and disturbing dream. Admittedly after the pics were taken, I lit a smoke because, well a filthy habit I should really quit doing.

As for the entity in my closet. I am an empath and what I get from him is pure hate, malice and evil. He hates everyone and anything. I also sense this is a male. The boy that’s here always precedes him as if a beacon or warning before he pops up. He’s the one who does a lot of the banging, footsteps (although the boy does too) and grunting and groaning. I see him as a mass of black swirling shadows. Sometimes as a very tall shadow peeking around a door. This male is extremely tall and very gaunt and thin.

The boy, the first night my husband and I slept here in this place (I was preggo’s with our fourth and last at the time and we were just moving in) he manifested himself in full. He was standing at the foot of my bed (it seems they all like to point at me for some reason) and pointing in my direction. He was no more than 11 years old, possible 8 yrs old (it’s what I felt at the time). Blond, wearing one of those olden days night gowns boys used to wear back then. He looked very saddened and I felt an immense sadness in the room. When I blinked, he was gone. Then the growling, grunting and moans as well as knocking sounds and banging started…faint at first but then got louder and louder. Everything that is a large scale manifestation usually happens around the 2:45 or 3 AM mark.


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