Haunted Houses on Kirby Rd

This friday past we decided to check out two houses we had heard about on Kirby Rd in Maple, Ontario. It was interesting the experiences to say the least. I “saw” something that would blow my mind and is not the first time I’ve seen a possible apparition (I’ll get to that little story later on). There three stories concerning these houses. The first house is reported to have a reputation of crying babies and laughing children that are not there and a tomb stone with the words “Selina, I was a cute child” written upon it nearby the house. It is also reputed that if you park your vehicle on the driveway and sit quietly the little girl “Selina” will run around your vehicle all the while tapping on it here and there. I did not experience this part of the suspected phenomena but did see what I believe to be a young girl around the age of 8 or 9 years old with a night gown on and long black hair sitting in the second tree (on the right when walking into the property from the drive way) staring back at me. She was leaning outward and staring right at me. Scared the living crap out of me when I caught this “apparition” out of the corner of my eye and turned back to see what I thought was shadowing, it was clear as day to me but then I am a believer in the paranormal.

We did voice recordings and photographing of the place as well and have some interesting photos and recordings of both houses (still going through all of it). The people who own this land are in the process of renovations (I do not recommend trespassing on people’s properties and – always ask first before you go paranormal investigating, always get permission from the owners of the properties) and have torn down a chicken coop as well as are in the process of either tearing down the barn or renovating the barn.

Items found in the barn’s basement – old Italian workbook, old picture book (circa 1854), a Triumph dirt bike (circa late 40’s or 50’s possibly), horse shoes, old looking and very worn. The main house is locked and being renovated for occupancy, possibly occupied already. Again, I must stress – ask permission first before you enter this property.

There is also a story of a one headlight semi truck that passes under the bridge (before you get to the house) and through your vehicle if you park there. Apparently, and I cannot neither confirm or deny it with research at this point, this semi was involved in a horrible accident many years back. It may be an urban legend spin off from the second house that I am about to talk about, you’ll see why in a second.

The second house (rather set of houses) has two houses on the property and two barns. The flooring of both houses are very dangerous, if you decide to check this one out (at the other end of Kirby Rd by the way) watch your footing, bring good flashlights and keep an eye out for skunks, raccoons and bats. This house is called the “Hell House”. It is reputed to have been owned by a family of 7 where the father was involved with the KKK. It is also reputed to be a (the first, larger barn) gathering place of the KKK. The story goes that the father went nuts and killed his family, including a little girl of the same age as the first house. There you will find a lot of graffiti like “You are not alone” and “murder is awesome” as well as “I am watching you”. Obviously this is added by human hands to amp up the hype about these houses and their purported hauntings. It is said (and this is possibly the urban legend transfered to the semi truck with one headlight phenomena at the other house) that a man in a red pick up truck will chase you out of the property if he catches you on it then disappear into thin air. There is also a story of a young woman who is walking the road and suddenly screams then runs into a near by corn field screaming bloody murder, this is purported to be about a woman who was attacked, raped and murdered in the corn fields near this property. She is suppose to disappear into the corn fields if you follow her.

I cannot confirm or deny any of these stories by research at this point, neither in architectual history, land history or anything in old newspapers or obits as of yet. I cannot find anything on any of these stories and we never did find the tomb stone however I have been told that a few “friends of friends” who hang out regularly at these areas have seen the tomb stone and report being chased by both the red pick up and the semi with one head light. As well as seeing the woman in the cornfields. How accurate are these, I do not know but I do know I am sure I saw something that night that IS unexplainable. All 19 of us present at both sites were adults, no children. So how is it I saw a child in a tree at 1 AM in the morning on a Friday night (or rather Saturday morning)? I cannot explain it but I will be researching it and will update if I do ever find any information on these properties!


22 Responses to “Haunted Houses on Kirby Rd”

  1. kaytee203 Says:


    I went to Kirby Road like 3 years ago when a friend had mentioned to go look for a haunted house there.

    There was 5 of us in one car and one of the people with us was video taping. We had driven up and down the road a few times before we finally found the driveway where we thought we were supposed to go. Anyways, we pull up to this driveway just after the hill and bridge. There are all these signs and everything like beware of dog, no trespassing, private property, the usual. And the driveway is blocked off with those metal pole things. And we get out of the car while the person was still video taping and start to walk up the driveway a bit and dont really find anything/guess were also kind of chicken b/c we didnt get to far before we decided to give up, turn around and go back to the car. We felt that there was no way anyone could be there, and the driveway was blocked off, so we wern’t even sure if we were in the right spot. So we get back in the car and continue to drive up and down Kirby for a bit more. After a few more minutes of driving we decide there is nothing around and we should just leave. But on our way back we passed that driveway again. So we stop outside the driveway again (not in the driveway) and the girl in the back is just filming the signs, and my best friend beside her makes the comment “haha watch when we finally turn off the camera something happens”. And the second she hits the off button the brightest headlights ever flash on beside us as if the truck was about to t-bone our car. I had never been so scared in my life, we took of driving so fast.

    It just doesn’t make sense. There was no way that truck was there while we were filming, we would have seen it. It was definitely a truck because of where the headlights were positioned. It happened simultaneously as the girl hit the off button on the camera, and we all saw it and all screamed at the same time. I never believed in any of this stuff until that actually happened. It seriously scared the s*it out of all of us, and I’ll never forget it.

  2. Very Interesting! Thank you for posting your experiences!

  3. maarynicolle Says:

    i actually have a picture of the tombstone ..
    if youre interested in seeing it .

  4. gonnagetuhigh Says:

    wow this is all very fascinating. I literally overheard some ppl talking about it today and decided to google it. I’m going to check it out soon but is there anyway i could contact you to find out more info and the best way to do it.
    thanks for posting this!

  5. buddy1234565 Says:

    My buddy who lives near keele and kirby road took me to selinas tomb stone tonight. like you had said before i cant confirm the other myths of kirby road, but i did see the tomb stone of selina, and i did see the KKK’s farm house. it was a really weird experince

  6. gueseppue Says:

    i am planning on go there tonight, any tips?

    • Sorry, missed this. No real tips, just keep an open mind. Wear good boots and take a really good flash light. Watch your step and be careful – remember it is trespassing (which I don’t encourage mind you) so be vigilant and know the laws. Another thing you could bring is digi cameras, voice recorder and an EMT detector, if you are interested in that aspect of the paranormal.

  7. brrittney13 Says:

    a bunch of my friends& i went ther to see this house. when we got ther we went to this one with yellow bars kinda gate like. anyways, when we were ther we went in the house& the underground& it was pretty scary. i dunna of thats just from the fact i was expecting scary stuff. but after reading the story above ( at the top) i dont think the house we were at was haunted cause yu have said it was taken down. is the house i was in haunted? & also, we saw the truck, but in a different way. we say it in the feild. but thers no road ther. weird?

    • There are two sets of houses on either end (separate from each other, the one that was demo’ed was the one with trees lining the long drive way with an old barn. The other has two barns and two houses).

  8. Haunted Houses on Kirby Rd .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

  9. andreaski Says:

    Where is this? We checked out the location but couldn’t find the tombstone. Could you say where it is specifically?

  10. My cousins seen the tomb stone on kirby its not that interesting its like a regular tombstone you would see at a graveyard they have also been to a couple of houses nothing paranormal all they found was old dolls books other house items you would find but in 1 of the houses they did find a locked cellar i wasn’t there so i cant describe the house, the next time they go to kirby there bringing a tool to break the lock and get inside the cellar. I don’t think there is but my cousins think there might be dead bodies in there who knows there might be. The next time they go i would definitely go with them but i know i will be totally scared i’m kinda scared of haunted houses at Niagara falls so i know ill be scared in a abandoned house!! HAUNTED OR NOT still will be scared

  11. i went yesterday. While in front of the house my finger was bleeding, and while we were leaving my friends leg began to bleed. and there was a hand print of a small hand in the middle of the windshield that is impossible to reach without climbing the car. We were also asking siri on the iphone where the house was before she said there is something wrong. it was creepy.

  12. Me and and a few friends decided to go drive down that street and stopped infront of her grave ( memorial ) and they were four of us me and my friend in the back where looking to our right where the grave is and so was my bf in the front passanger seat. We were all talking and all of a sudden my friend the one driving started freaking out and started to drive away from the location, he was freaking out and he said ” When i looked over to the left side of the road i was starting towards the tree and all I saw was the bottom of a little girls dree just seating on the branch of the tree. So while driving away i started to research that location and i found on a website that when people do drive up to the location and the car is parked people will see a little girl seating on a tree branch looking at you.

    and here is the website where i found that..

    • I had a similar experience with the little girl. Even drew her face and posted it here. She was, as your friend saw her too, sitting in a tree branch staring down at me (I was on foot rather than in the car). Eerie similar experience!

  13. Might not see this but do you know an address for this haunted house or which intersection its closer too. my friend and i are interest in going but we can only bike their and we don’t live that close but we still can bike there 😀

    • Sorry don’t have an address to either and both sites have been torn down. I think the only thing left is the tombstone.

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