Kirby Road

As a revisit of my last post on Kirby Road and it’s “haunted reputation” here is a youtube video of a group of guys who visited one of the houses with a camera in tow (The “Hell House”).

Interestingly, it’s mostly fooling around but it gives you a better layout of the place. Apparently somewhere in the movie (though doubtful, as they had a female companion with them) there is a female face lit up red in one section of the video when a door possibly opens by itself (this happens twice). One of the guys thinks he saw something and reacts in fear while attempting to move away from what he saw. Possible group hysteria mind you and suggestability due to urban legend passing around as word of mouth.


One Response to “Kirby Road”

  1. Still this was interesting to watch…I kept waiting for “something” and trying to determine the age of the home by the disarray of the decaying inside.

    Farrah from

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