Living In A Haunted House

I lived in a haunted house, actually several of them. Here’s the first one… Every morning at 3 AM a little blonde girl (you could see through her) would brush her teeth. Never failed. She even paused once to look at me.

Apartment #1 Experiences
In this same apt I had two dreams, on seperate occasions. The first one left physical marks on my body. I was dreaming that I was in a red rocked under ground cave. Everything was red. There was a statue in front of me and a young (maybe 11) boy being devoured by it. The statue seems to talk inside my head and asked (my youngest son was about 4 or 5 months old at the time) me what I would do if it ate my son like he did the boy. Being I am aggressively protective of my children I told the statue in a sarcastic tone that I would not put my son near you then. That’s when I was attacked from behind and bitten on the left side of my neck between the nape of the neck and shoulder. It was like the mayra effect (also know as the moira or mary effect, where victims cannot move and have difficulty breathing, are paralyzed and see an entity either near them or on top of them, also known as the “hag” effect) I could not move, I felt the bite and felt like the life was draining out of me. The next morning my husband asked me what the mark was on my neck and how I got it. The second dream was of a female entity in a picture (I didn’t recognize the picture on my bathroom wall) that was trying to steal my soul. There is more but don’t remember any of it although I know there was more to the dream than that and I barely escaped with my life. I also remember symbols that I did not recognize either over each doorway of my apt.

House On Alabaster (In Ontario)
The worse place I’ve ever lived was a two story house on the other side of town, it was a new developement. The first night I was there (I can confirm with my bil who heard it too) I heard a woman screaming in agony and fear and crying in my vents of the house. No tv was on, no radio and I was the only adult female in the house and was wide awake. I had a dream of a woman in a pool drowned (got the feeling it wasn’t water she drowned in but her own blood) she was floating naked in the water face down, then slowly turned face up and pointed at me. This same woman I have SEEN in this house! She was standing at my coat rack one night while I was the only one in the house. I could see through her enough to see the outline and substance of my coat rack. She stared at me for a good 5 minutes, then pointed at me as we stared at each other then faded and disappeared before my eyes. The downstairs bathroom would always produce eerie grunting and growling noises from the vents (no animals, we didn’t have any at the time) only when I was there and no one else seemed to be able to hear it. A male entity would streak by in the corner of my eye, almost like a black streak and the final straw that made me move out was the laundry incident. I was doing laundry at 10PM in the basement laundry\furnace room. It was my last load from the dryer that had been sitting there for almost an hour waiting for me to take it out. I had the basket in my hands, put it down on the ground at my feet and closed the door to the laundry room. Turned around and what sounded like a pair of fists pounding on the door send me running up the stairs where it followed me from laundry room door, to cubbyhole door, to wall and all the way up to the basement door and then stopped. It was literally like the pounding fists were following me and chasing me up the stairs. I have also had the male entity scream my oldest son’s name in my ear (it was my first clairaudiant experience and since then I have had numerous and frequent experiences with clairaudiance). We moved out 7 months after we moved in.

Apartment #2 Experiences:
This place I used to live in before this one we are in now, there is two, maybe three entities here. One is an 11 year old boy, a malevolent male entity (haunting my walk in closet) and a possible female entity. The boy I have seen standing at the foot of my bed staring at me, the male is evil…pure evil hatred of everything and everyone. The female I have caught glimpses of in the blackness of a turned off television. I hear a music box every night, I don’t own one and it sounds from a differ era. I have picked up evp’s of drums and heartbeats, and hateful die messages. I have plenty of photos that I will post soon enough, a set of interlaced photos of a man or woman walking towards me while I was trying to produce false positives for a sight I am building or rather rebuilding as the host went bankrupt for the original site. Whispering of my name, strange banging noises (my son’s closet once banged open and closed for an hour at 2 am in the morning, his bed is up against it so it was banging on the bed then banging against it’s frame) and footsteps, grunts, groans and various other sounds.


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  1. eeek…evil things that make loud noises creep me out…

    Farrah from

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