Part 3 of Kirby Road

Turns out that a family member went to Kirby road today during daylight hours to try and find that tombstone I was talking about (Kirby Rd Haunted Houses) and found as well as confirmed that it is indeed “Selina, I was a cute kid” on the tombstone along with the dates of birth and death. I have the navigational directions but was asked to not post them as of yet by said family member, he wants to confirm the information with others first and out of respect for Selina as well. The dates on the stone read January 15th 1978 to November 1st 1993. It is located on Kirby Rd but not near the houses that I spoke of. It’s about 10 feet from the road side and I know as well by confirmation that the house that used to be there (a third site other than the two houses I spoke of) but was demolished back in 2004 or 2005.

We are going to the site ourselves tomorrow night and I will be taking pictures of the tombstone and will post them. It happens that this tombstone is located in front of a field of corn. If you remember I spoke of a phenomena about a young woman who is walking on the road then starts screaming and runs into a corn field. The story going that she was raped and murdered in the corn field and that she haunts the road where she died. She is suppose to disappear when you try to follow her into the fields.

There is a second story that it was actually a car accident involving this woman. I cannot confirm either story at this point but will be researching both accounts to try and confirm or deny either with historical facts.


5 Responses to “Part 3 of Kirby Road”

  1. whatyousayin Says:

    I’m doing a final project on Kirby road, and the haunted houses, and i was just wondering if there is anymore information, i have been there myself, funny thing though, my camera wont take pictures past the fence/gate. My friends have also been about 3-5 times and each time somthing different happens. 1st time they clame they saw somthing down the driveway, and did get followed by this red pick up truck but thought nothing of it til i did research and found this. It had tail gated them almost the whole way home, while they jsut sped up then slowed down to really see if it was them. 2nd time, they saw the girl and could describe her just like yourself on your other posts, they also clame they heard noises. and the 3rd time i got a phone call that there car had died and it wouldnt start, about half way there to boost the car, it started. They are terrifeied of the place , and i have heard from many others that their cars stall for no reason at all. I was just hoping for maybe more information about what the house numbers were, or somthing when we went we didnt see anytihng, and is there two haunted barns/houses on the same road or just that property ?

    Thanks . 🙂

  2. bellisimatoscana75 Says:

    Can someone give me more details on this?

  3. heey,
    um where is this place exactly?
    cause me and a couple friends want to go up there tonight,
    but we don’t know where it is?

    and is this place actuaaaally haunted.
    i’m freeeaked.

  4. I can confirm she was killed in a car accident. All I’m going to say is I know who found her and her friends after the accident.

    • I appreciate your comment, my condolences on your loss. From what I’ve seen of the articles in the paper archives, she was a lovely young lady. Thank you again.

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